What four Niagara schools did to make it easier to walk and bike to school

Four elementary schools in Niagara piloted a program called School Travel planning. The program gets whole communities working together so that students who live near their school can walk or bike there.  To find out m ore check out the link below:



Promote Safe Active Transportation with Nordic Walking

” Try It Out ” Nordic Walking Presentation and Demonstration for Sports Canada Day November 24, 2014 at the Peach King Centre in Grimsby. The benefits and the proper use of the Nordic Walking poles will be demonstrated by Bruce and Bea Manion. Both are certified Nordic Walking Instructors for the Niagara Public Health. Nordic Walking helps people practice safe and more frequent Active Transportation in any kind of weather.

Get Niagara GOing petition

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The provincial government has committed billions of dollars to transit funding. Unfortunately, that funding stops in Hamilton. After years of studies and discussions on bringing a commuter rail service to Niagara, the government has yet to commit to it and only promises that it is coming. The unemployed and underemployed in Niagara can’t wait any longer. The time is now! Make your voice heard.

Get Niagara GOing Petition

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