About Us

We’re a grassroots action group that promotes various forms of active transportation, such as walking, cycling, running and hiking, in the community.

We meet every month, except August and December, on the last Tuesday of the month.  Meetings start at 6:30pm and are held in the Boardroom upstairs at the Grimsby Peach King Centre located at 162 Livingston Ave.

What is Active Transportation?

Rcreational TrailThe term “Active Transportation” refers to any form of travel that is self-propelled, usually walking, cycling, in-line skating, using a wheelchair, or riding a skateboard.  Active Transportation also includes cross-country skiing, canoeing and kayaking.


There are social, economic and environmental benefits to engaging in Active Transportation:


  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs, such as fuel, maintenance and insurance costs
  • Reduced vehicle traffic on the road, resulting in safer streets for everyone
  • Reduced incidence of cardiac disease as a result of physical activity
  • Increased overall physical health, which results in fewer sick days taken by employees
  • Reduced stress and increased emotional health, resulting in higher productivity in the workplace


  • Reduced traffic congestion and wear on roads and other transportation infrastructure, which reduces the costs associated with repair and maintenance
  • Reduced health care costs associated with treating cardiac diseases, the incidence of which goes down with increased physical activity
  • Increased bicycle tourism and bicycle sales and manufacturing, which has a positive economic impact
  • Increased property value and retail sales along trails and in pedestrian friendly areas
  • Reduced costs associated with treating air and water pollution


  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced toxic run-off and water pollution
  • Reduced noise and air pollution

Getting Around Actively Everyday

  • Think about the trips you make daily to go to work or school, or for leisure.  Which ones can you make without a vehicle?  For trips of 5 km or less, it is actually more efficient to use your bicycle.
  • Tune your bicycle and invest in the proper clothing and footwear to make active transportation more enjoyable, comfortable, and safer.
  • Invest in a backpack or bicycle panniers and use active transportation to run errands or go shopping.
  • Schedule days during your work week that you will use active transportation to get to work
  • Choose leisure activities that you can access using active transportation.
  • Incorporate active transportation into family activities.  Instead of driving to a park for a family outing, why not bicycle or walk?